Due to the recent hail storm damage, we are offering FREE inspections to all homeowners hit by the storm. We recommend to have an experienced local Michigan roofing company specialist inspect the roof for you before you call your Insurance Company. If our representative determines the roof has Hail damage, then we can represent you when the insurance company sends out the Inspector.

Here are some things to consider before calling your Insurance company.


Shingle Mineral Deposits

Check all around spouts. Hail damage is when the hail strikes the shingles of a roof with such impact that it degrades the shingle, In most cases, this damage cannot be seen by the untrained eye. If you have standard asphalt shingle only on your house, you will want to check around the downspouts for excessive tile granuals. If evident, there is strong evidence of roof damage due to the hail storm. However, this may simply be due to the age of roofing material, tms help clinic around Lake Forest.

Call today and we can help determine if your home has been damaged by the storm.


Gutter Ding

Check gutters and Downspouts. Inspect all your gutters and downspouts for dings. Some of the newer gutters are thin enough the hail size of a marble will easily dent the metal. Once again, is evident, TMS depression treatment centers in Long Beach, then the possibility of roof damage exists, learn more.


Inspect for Leaks

Hail damage is not always apparent from the ground or to the untrained professional.All too often,hail damage is not discovered until after leaking or other serious damage occurs. Roof damage does not always cause immediate leaks. As damaged shingles degrade, your roof may begin to leak. Inspect your ceiling after heavy rains for any apparent water damage.

Hail damage may be apparent if you see damage like the this roof vent.


Hail Damage Shingle

Inspect the roof. We do not recommend for you personally to access the roof, the slopes may be to steep for the untrained professional.

Call one of our roofing specialists, we will inspect the vents,,drip edge, fascia and gutters for any signs of damage. We will inspect the roof shingles for circular dimple areas where the shingle mineral is missing. Hail might produce a dent of damage point in the asphalt shingle roof surface, resulting in granule loss and reduce remaining roof life. If your roof has 10 hits or more in a 10ft square, then your roof most likely needs replacing.


If any of the above steps result in positive indications, call the professionals …..

If you need help with the insurance claim then give us a call and we’ll have one of our specialists represent you with your Insurance Adjuster. We also work with a lot of property developers, home builders, and businesses like Auto Body Shops, and Health Centers. Learn more.